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    |Team Introduction

    | About Runye

    Guangzhou Runye Autoparts Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of lighting products, with import and export sales. Since establishment, all the members of factory and company are hard work, dedication and good intentions to make each product. In order to ensure benign development between our company and customers, We earnestly carry out every aspect of the details during material purchase and production process technique, that is the way to keep moving forward to affording each product is more assured.Through rich experience accumulation and large resources invested, we have a number of professional production and sales team. So that our products are always synchronized with the world trend, and have a good competitive advantage and reputation. Over the years, we insist on technological innovation-oriented; the principles of exist by quality; openness, innovation, mutual trust, win-win style. We strictly require all staff to do well their own work, have clear conscience on product quality and service quality. We firmly believe that good quality win the market.


    Our company's products are mainly exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We are always adhered to the purpose of "quality leads to excellence", providing good quality products and sincere attentive service, that is why we have a number of long-term stable cooperation partner. At the same time of making every effort to provide customers with first-class products, we also practice the principle of providing best service to customers. Our sales team is set up by a group people of professional product knowledge, high-quality service attitude, and enthusiastic service spirit. Our slogan is “to sell not only products, but more importantly the service”. We are sure that only with the strong sense of responsibility and high-end service awareness, which can really consider and make desired products for customers. Give us a chance, so you can get more benefits!


    Our products are produced strictly according to international quality standard ISO9001-2000. Their qualities pass E-mark, CE and RoHS certificates. Runye Lighting has maintained rapid growth rate of 200% over six years. We expect to develop with you together. We believe that we could do much better in the future.

    Select Runye Lighting, to bright up the future of you and us.


    General Manager

    University education, 

    graduated from the Automobile 

    Application Technology, has 

    more than ten years experience 

    in the automotive lighting 

    industry, the industry leader, to 

    grasp the dynamics of the 

    industry, leading the industry 

    development direction.


    Factory manager

    University education, 

    automobile application 

    technology professional, 

    proficient knowledge of 

    electronics, worked at 

    Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., 

    has management experience 

    and practical operation of large 



    Sales Manager

    University education, 

    graduated from the 

    professional business English, 

    fluent in English, foreign trade 

    processes. Worked with 

    Americans experienced more 

    than ten sales management 

    team, overseas exhibitors 



    After sales manager

    Engaged in the automotive

     lighting industry for 10 years, 

    familiar with the products, serious 

    and responsible work, 

    enthusiasm, careful, 

    and repeatedly praised

     by customers.

    Provide a one-stop solution

    Professional design, professional products, professional team, all responsible for the final effect, OEM service.

    Full range

    Including headlights, fog lights, indicator lights, reading lights, brake lights, backup lights, mirror lights, roof lights, width lights, etc., a wide range of products, covering all products on the car lighting system.

    Quality assurance

    All electronic components are equipped with genuine accessories, modern production equipment + professional production technology, to ensure quality and effectiveness.



    CE Certificate


    RoHS Certificate


    Patent Certificate

    Address: NO.2 buliding, business street Feng huang industry zone, San dong Road, Xinhua Town, Huadu district Guangzhou City,Guangdong Province China 



    Email: info@100lighting.com   

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